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Conduct your sales the right way. Our auction services are the ideal way to conduct sales of any size. Discover some of the glowing reviews for Rorrer Auctions Co.

"To Whom it may concern,

I would like to offer my personal recommendation for the Rorrer Auction Co. as the professional company to organize and manage your auction.

While conducting my research into local auction companies to handle a large estate auction I was planning, I had the opportunity to meet with and interview a number of auction companies in the Kansas City Missouri area. I wanted to make cerain these companies had a presence on the Internet, had experience with large estate type auctions, and, by attending one or two of their auctions, I wanted to observe them in action. I also was looking for the company to have strong leadership and verifiable background, experience, and ability to conduct a successful large estate auction.

After a month of research, interviews, and auction visits, I made my selection. I found the qualities I was seeking with the management and staff of the Rorrer Auction Company, based in nearby Independence Mo.

My estate auction occurred on March 25th, 2006 in Independence, Mo. and I am very pleased to report the auction was a redounding success. We had well over 300 attendees, and everything was sold, with nearly all at prices beyond my expectations.

The auctioneers worked hard to obtain the maximum value from my property. The staff controlled the huge crowd, managed the revenue, the vehicle titles, and various bills of sale while making certain the movement of the sold items happened in a controlled manner.

The Rorrer Auction Company's performance was truly outstanding." – Ben H. (Independence, MO)

"I would like to let everyone out there know the success of my Real Estate Auction done by Rorrer Auction Co. on May 27th 2006.

After trying to sell my home for 18 months through three diffrent real estate brokers, showing my home on short notices, all sorts of negotiations, and contracts being broken, I finally gave up until another time. Then I met auctioneer Kip Rorrer with Rorrer Auction Co., who had lots of tips and information, which made me convinced to try the auction method.

Rorrer auction Co. sold my home after a short month of advertising with the price that I was expecting. I was really impressed and wished I would of done this a lot sooner." – Leo D. (Liberty, MO)

"A special thanks to the Rorrer Auction Co. staff on selling our farm and house. What a stress free expierence."Jack S. (Joplin, MO)